Choosing the right measuring device for the bar

Just like it’s important to find the right cocktail shaker that fits your needs, the same thing goes for your choice of measuring jug. In fact it’s a very good idea to spend some time finding all the right tools for your bar tending job, just like when a chef looks for that perfect chefs knife that fits his grip and is perfectly balanced.

There are two main types of measuring jugs used for bar tending: Read more


Dark rum in drinks

“Dark rum in drinks, maybe even expensive vintage rum as a mixer in drinks – you can’t do that, that’s BLASPHEMI!?”

You’ve probably heard the above sentence in some variation and I must admit, that I was once one of those people singing this song. I don’t do that anymore. I don’t do that anymore because several years ago it dawned to me how incredibly wrong, elitist and hopeless it was for me to claim that only cheap spirits belonged in cocktails and the expensive ones was for “pure” drinking only. Oh how wrong I was. Read more


Know the difference between caffe latte, cappuccino, latte macchiato etc

Today there are no limits as to how you differentiate your coffee and make it unique. Just like in the fantastic world of cocktails the number of coffee varieties has risen exponentially the last couple of decades. A possible reason for this could very well be the global market of today, which helps create a demand for these amazing goods. In this article I will introduce some of the most common types of coffee drinks, along with their characteristics and recipes for making them.

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Shot cocktail collection: Red and Blue Tequila

Alcohol density chart

If you want to layer different alcohol types, you have to remember to have the heaviest spirit at the bottom and then work your way up. If you don’t remember this, all the layers will mix in the glass, destroying the effect.

Underneath you will find a chart of some of the most common known spirit’s density. The bigger the difference is between two types of alcohol, the easier it will be for you to layer them. Read more

Mojito cocktai

Mojito – cocktail recipe

The classic mojito is known throughout the world, and in recent years it has been in high demand in most of the western world. It makes sense since it’s a fantastic cocktail, particularly during the summer months, and it’s by no coincidence that the mojito was famous author Ernest Hemingways favorite drink. Read more


10 Halloween drink recipes

Every year on the 31st october it’s halloween, a tradition that is particular popular in the USA. Besides being a hugely popular event among kids, a lot of young people use this day to throw halloween-themed parties all over the world.

The colour palette for halloween often sees extreme amounts of black and orange – seen in pumpkin lanterns in the dark – and hence it’s obvious to serve drinks that matches this colour scheme.

But… what should you serve at such events and parties? Drinks and cocktails are notoriously hard to create in deep black (unless you use 100% liquorice, squid ink or ingredients that probably shouldn’t be consumed), but don’t let this be a showstopper for maintaining the right athmosphere in the bar. Read more

White Russian and Black Russian

White Russian and Black Russian

Even though you might think so, the cocktail White Russian is not originating from Russia (or Belarus). According to The Oxford English Dictionary the cocktail is mentioned for the first time in the Oakland Tribune way back in 1965.

Back then, during the russian civil war, there was a group of anti-bolshevik group, called “The White Russians“, and that’s where the name of the cocktail got it’s name.

The White Russian is a rather heavy cocktail, suitable for consumption after a good meal, and is indeed on IBA’s After Dinner-list. It is quite easy to mix and takes only a few ingredients. Read more