Author: Michael Kjeldsen


How to drink whiskey

To the uninitiated serving and drinking whiskey could seem as easy as opening the whiskey bottle and pour – but that is very far from reality. There are several “schools” on how to drink...

Top 10 Gin drinks 0

Top 10 Gin drinks

Gin is a lovely thing. It’s very tasty and can be used for a huge variety of cocktail and drink recipes. Most prefer to mix it with tonic (you know, the G&T – nice!),...


Dark rum in drinks

“Dark rum in drinks, maybe even expensive vintage rum as a mixer in drinks – you can’t do that, that’s BLASPHEMI!?” You’ve probably heard the above sentence in some variation and I must admit,...


Zombie (Definition)

Some drink recipes will eventually grow beyond them selves, turning into more of a category and the Zombie is one of those recipes.



The cocktail┬ázombie has a somewhat foggy past however there is one thing that seems to be the cause for the name of the drink: apparently everyone drinking it turn into a zombie…


Mojito – Recipe

Recipes and tips to make the perfect mojito Mojito recipe The mojito is an old classic, whose creator is not certain. In short there are two theories where one tells the tale that the...


10 champagne drink recipes for New Year’s Eve

All over the world New Year’s Eve is a night of celebration – and champagne! But what champagne, champagne-cocktails and drinks should you serve to your guests? Read on to find the editorial staff’s...